Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day One- Starting Point to Mti Mkubwa (big tree) campsite

Starting Point: some place in the woods, approximately 5,000 ft. elevation
Ending Point: Mti Mkubwa, 10,000 ft. elevation
Total climbing time: 4.5 hours

My team and I took the Lemosho route. The Lemosho route is described as, "an unspoilt, remote, less-used and beautiful way up to the Shira Plateau. Trekkers sometimes use it to ascend the Western Breach route" (which I did).

I basically took the yellow route:

It was pretty rainy during the day's hike, so I got good use out of my poncho. I was very glad that I had water proofed my hiking boots before I left. Herman and I commented on how strange it was to be trekking through the rain but still sweating.

Views from the day's trek:


We start to head deep into the rainforest (this is looking downhill)...

The rainforest is home to many species including these colobus monkeys:

According to Herman, there are two flower species that only grow on Mt. Kilimanjaro; this violet is one of them:

We continue to trudge through the mud, but I absolutely adore the greenery...

We finally arrive at the Big Tree Campsite and are treated to popcorn and hot tea. Yum!

The view from our dining tent, looking out at my toilet tent (aka "my throne"):

It was a good day of walking, so I was ready to hit the sack. Here are the notes I took prior to going to sleep, though:
"-traveled through rain forest
-2 species that are native to Kilimanjaro mountain (violet and elephant trunk)
-saw Colobus monkeys
-go slow on steep parts
-knee kills when placed in particular way
-3 ants bit me! found their way into my pants. Oww!
-spoke with Herman about HIV/AIDS

-lala salama- sleep well
-Mambo- what's up


  1. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Pictures Kate! I am even more jealous after seeing these and I cannot wait to see more! WOW!!!