Saturday, December 17, 2011

Twas the night before I left...

"Dear Journal,

Happy December. 7+6+6=12+7=19 progress notes written today. One carnitas bowl eaten. 1 cappuccino drank. 3 calls made. 4 voice mails left. tons of packing completed. blogger's not working. interesting. can't post. gave me time to pack. hungry but must go to sleep. it's 3am on 12/2/11. I leave for Africa TODAY! spoke with mom and A. see Dad tomorrow. tomorrow I need to shower, clean pot lids, pay social work renewal fee, pack computer.

night. l, K."

Staying true to form, I never get much sleep the night before a trip. I think my mother was as excited as I was, as I received this e-mail from her earlier that day:

subject: ooooooohhhhh..

Friday is getting soooooooo...close!!!oh my're going to AFRICA!!

you must be NOT SLEEPING and having to get so much done!!!

needless to say, my mother knows me well!

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