Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day Two-Morning

As stated, by 6am I was walking around the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. The first obvious difference was the bathrooms. Here is a photo of their toilet, complete with "toilet seat cleaner." I opted not to use the toilet seat cleaner. Another strange thing about the bathrooms is that there aren't any mirrors above the sinks. Are Americans just really vain or do the Dutch really not care about their appearance?

My plane friends and I all had long layovers, so we decided to walk around a bit and then find a nesting spot. D, my South Carolinan friend, wanted a coffee so we first made a stop at Starbucks. Yes, there is a Starbucks right in the middle of the terminal; it appeared to be quite a popular spot. Our Estonian friend had to make a phone call, so we parted ways with her, agreeing to meet back at the Starbucks. We never saw her again.

D and I spent the rest of our time utilizing our 60 free airport wireless minutes, chatting it up with the salesclerk in Gadgets who showed us the bible of electrical outlets and adapters and inquiring about each other's lives over breakfast. I also admired the airport's Christmas decorations:

Thanks D for hanging out with me! It was a pleasure to get to know you :)

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