Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day Three- Morning


"Dear Journal,

It's 5:40am Tanzanian time. We're in the same time zone as Moscow, Russia. I've been up since 4:45am. My internal time clock is definitely not adjusted. I don't think I slept too well in the earlier hours, either, as there were a lot of dogs barking. There's a dog barking now. I've been listening to the African sounds since I've been up. Jungle sounds. No lions or anything, but birds (?) and crickets. I think that animals were messing around outside in the bush and on my roof.

As I lie here, a mosquito net surrounds me. I heard one little mosquito buzzing around and saw a number of them. Good thing I'm taking those malaria pills.

I still need to e-mail my family. I hope that the Internet is working this morning. I hope my parents aren't worried.

I wonder what's for breakfast. I also wonder what time sunrise is. That would be cool to see.

Here's one thing to remember: bring a sound machine with me when I travel. It is kind of cool to hear the African sounds, though. It reminds me that I'm in Africa. I'M IN AFRICA!

The outlet adapter works. Praise the energetic, crazy Dutch guy from the Gadgets store (in the Amsterdam airport).

Well, I guess I'll turn off my light again. It's currently 5:50am. Breakfast begins in 1 hour, 10 minutes.


p.s- Herman said that we're meeting today at 9am Western time, not African time? Island time?"

What else can I do at 5:00am but record the African sounds?:

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