Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day Three- Shira Plateau to Shira Hut

Starting Point: Shira Plateau, West Side, 11,300 ft. elevation
Ending Point: Shira Hut, ~12,500 ft. elevation
Total Climbing Time: at least 6 hours

I woke up the next morning and took this photo of our final destination:

Back in my tent, I took a photo of myself to see just how sick I looked. I had made it through the night without vomiting or having an accident in my pants, so I was happy.

Once Herman had realized that I was awake, he came to check on me. I told him that I had been fine overnight but that I was tired. He made the executive decision to alter the day's route. Rather than climbing to Moir Hut, we detoured to Shira Hut. Reason? There is an emergency road an hour south of Shira Hut. If my illness continued, and if we determined to abort the climb, we would have an easy way out. I didn't want to abort the climb, but I didn't want to continue if I was going to be vomiting and shitting.

Here are photos from our trek across the Shira Plateau. We begin with my home:

The trail carries on behind me:

My fatigue caught up with me the longer we climbed. Toward the end, I had to take a break every few steps. Herman graciously carried my day pack, as well as his back pack. He was a saint.

Rumisha! (aka "Ronaldo"). Our chef. After I got sick, Rumisha started to accompany Herman and I. Rumisha has a very fatherly, gentle spirit.

We get closer to the snow...

We finally arrived at Shira Hut. I was absolutely exhausted. Rumisha said "congratulations, dada" after I reached the campsite. Yet again, I went straight to my tent and collapsed. At some point Ezekiel brought me dinner. I was still not hungry, and I tried to explain to him that I had a lack of appetite, but he just looked at me quizzically. I must have looked pretty pitiful because Ezekiel eventually said, "Dada sick." I said "yes." I might have eaten some rice, I might not have; I really don't remember. Herman gave me another Cipro, and I nodded off to sleep.


  1. These pictures are breath taking! I'm still waiting to see that picture of you at the top! :)

  2. Thanks Sarah ;) That photo comes later. As we tell our patients, patience is a virtue ;P