Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day Two- Night

"Dear Journal,

After 2 days of traveling, I am in Africa! I made it. I have been beat at various times today (meaning tired) but I'm so happy to finally be here. I'm in Africa! It was so surreal flying over Sudan. That's Sudan!

It took approximately 40 minutes to get my visa. That was lame. I really should have gotten it before I left, but I didn't want to risk the time frame.

I was able to befriend men throughout this trip. D from JFK to Amsterdam. A Tanzanian guy from Amsterdam to JRO. A dutch man who was behind me in line for the visa (we started talking because we both saw two large bugs on the ground) and T (the bartender here @ Moivaro Lodge).

There was like a welcoming committee at the lodge; I felt sort of embarrassed. They offered me a yummy fruity drink. They then suggested that I go to the bar for a drink or water (drinking water). T gave me some of the local liqueur; it was actually pretty good. It comes from a tree.

A big American group that was on my plane to JRO are also staying here, although I arrived here before they did. Boo to fellow Americans. I hope they become quiet.

My phone is not adjusting to Tanzanian time, so I can't rely on it for an alarm clock. I also don't want to walk back to the office for a wake up knock. I'm just going to trust that I get up early enough to have breakfast.

Thank you for this day Lord and for getting me here safely and in one piece. I'll get in touch with my parents tomorrow. Here's to stretching out. Odd that there are no sheets on the bed.

Here's also to Herman and George. I told them that we're going to become best friends. They laughed. ☺
Here's to a great African stay!

♥, K.

p.s- I let Dutch guy bum a ride with us to Arusha. At first I didn't want to, but I decided to be nice. I hope he doesn't keep showing up where I am and attaching himself to me (I was kind of getting that vibe). Here's to a great sleep. Night."

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