Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day Two-Noon/Early Afternoon

My third and final flight was scheduled to leave for Kilimanjaro at 10:00am local time. As they do with most international flights, they try to start boarding an hour to 45 minutes ahead of time. As I was waiting for my row to be called, I took this quick photo of the plane:

On this 8-hour flight I purposely chose a window seat in order to have views of Africa; I was well-rewarded. The man sitting next to me was a Tanzanian and explained various things that we could see out my window. To begin with, these are some of the sand dunes in Sudan:

Then I saw the city of Khartoum and the Nile:

At one point, my row companion was like, "See that lake? That is false. It is a mirage." I looked at it, but I really questioned his statement. The lake looked pretty real to me. What do you think?

As we continued to fly over this "mirage," it became more evident that it was not a mirage. My row companion admitted his mistake but then pointed out real mirages:

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