Monday, January 2, 2012

Day Four- Lava Tower

Lava Tower is described as "a 100 m/300 ft volcanic plug, left over from times when Kilimanjaro was volcanic. The path towards it is a gentle slope and as you climb towards it even the short heather disappears altogether to reveal the rocky ground of the lava ridges."

Lava Tower was also my first introduction to the alpine zone where the only plant life is the hardiest of grasses and lichens. 

Thankfully, it became sunny later in the afternoon. I took some photos of my surroundings:

Looking at tomorrow's destination (the top of the ridge).


I am happy.

Do I really want to climb that tomorrow?


Hardy lichens

Looking back at our campsite

Looking back on the day's journey

The porters try to dry some of their clothes

The fog returns

 Sunset strikes:

Looking back on some mountain; can't remember which one

The clouds quickly roll in from the left

My final view of Lava Tower before bed


  1. You do look happy! What a relief to be on your way again! Look at all that scenery and how much it changes

  2. Yeah finally can read your blog. Loving the clouds, so fluffy