Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Day in Africa- Midday

"Herman picked me up around 10:30am this morning (he was 1.5 hours late! and didn't have an excuse. Oh well). In any case, he, I, and another cousin of his Andrew went into Arusha. We first stopped at a t-shirt shop so that I could buy S her t-shirt. It was kind of hard to tell which one to buy. I hope she likes it. The store was run by Indians, one of whom had a shirt on which read, "being human" or something like that.

We then drove aways out to the Arusha Coffee Lodge. Geez, that place was swank. I felt like I wasn't in Africa but in some posh town. There was a store in this place which sells Tanzanite jewelry. From the sign that I briefly read, only the jewelry store Tiffany & Co. and stores in Tanzania sell this jewel; it looks pretty--nice and blue.

I commented to Herman how fancy et magnifique it was to buy coffee from the Arusha Coffee Lodge. Of course the package is nondescript-just a plastic bag-but I'm trusting that the beans inside are good. From the coffee lodge we back tracked and went to the Cultural Heritage Center. Phew, you could get almost anything there by way of African crafts. The beaded items were expensive, regrettably."

The Arusha Coffee Lodge

Some of the lodge's coffee plants

Want to pay 5,000 shillings for gas?

Traffic jam

Who wants an armchair?

There were many trucks with religious messages

Some random photos from the last dirt road to the lodge:

Home Sweet Home

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