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Relaxation- Morning and Afternoon

December 13th, 2011

If you read the earlier part of my blog, you'll know that I was taking photos of all the bathrooms I came across. Well, here is the one from my lodge bungalow:

It was nice to see greenery outside the bathroom's window:

There were still small animals lurking around in my bathroom, reminding me that I was still in Africa:

I spent a good part of my afternoon writing in my journal:

"Okay, hello, I just saw the hottest white guy (who I guess works here?). What the hell? Where has he been all my life? I mean, all my time here? According to Timothy, he's probably one of the French cooks. Where does he live? Where does he stay?

and so much for me hating the Americans. Turns out that the one girl lives in Columbus, OH. I became friends with her (Kim) and her boyfriend (Kevin) after Kevin invited me to have coffee with them this morning. She works for Ernst and Young. He lives in D.C. and works for Microsoft. I started talking to him this morning only because his tour operator told him that I had just summited/climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kevin said, 'Congratulations.' It was only after I asked him a question later that he invited me to have coffee with him and his girlfriend. They were actually quite nice individuals. I gave Kim my Chelsea Handler book for the plane.

The tour guide this morning, upon hearing that I took the Western Breach route, asked me if I was in the military. Is that a hardcore route or something? It was nice of him to say, nevertheless.

When I was walking to the main lawn area this afternoon, I saw 2 black guys walking toward me. One was Allen, one was Herman. I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HERMAN. I had a HUGE smile on my face and yelled to him, "Herman Kaka!" I gave him a hug (he gave me the two-hug back--one on each side). We went into the little lounge area to have a drink at Allen's suggestion. Herman stayed with his water. Allen had a Coke. I had a juicee (a juice). I love their juices here. They should bottle them up and send them out. I'd buy them.

I have only gotten souvenirs for myself and my nephew at this time. I still need to buy postcards, coffee and a t-shirt. As I was telling Kim, there is a difference between what I want and what I need.

I got my clean clothes today. Hooray! The total charge was $17.00, but I just gave her a $20.00 bill. She seemed pretty happy about that. It's nice to have clean clothes.

I think that I am the only one at the lodge right now. It's nice. Timothy the bartender just showed me this thing on Facebook called Lolonidi wonder or some miraculous herbal drink that cures AIDS and cancer. He apparently believes in it. I wonder if that's why there are so many problems here, because people believe in this faith healing (crap?).

On a totally different note, I have never been so afraid of stairs! It kills me to go up and down stairs, even one stair into and out of my hut! I should bring my trekking pole with me ☺. I swear, if this is what it feels like to have kids, I'm not having any! (the pregnancy part).

I tell you one thing- I didn't mind eating fries before (during the climb) because I knew that I would be working it off. They actually didn't taste that good, either. Here, I'm not exercising (granted, my legs kill), so I feel guilty eating them.

My nose feels like sand paper- rough and not healthy. I don't remember which day I burned the tip of my nose.

I think I'm going to be frustrated remembering all the details of my climb- or should I say forgetting them. There's just so much! I think my plan is to divide and conquer each part, leading each section by a picture of the toilet.

I'm too sore for a massage. How can that be possible?? A lot of the staff here keep asking if I want a massage. I'm like, 'I'm too sore!'

Who is this French or American guy, and why won't he come out?! I wonder what time it is. I'm glad my plane leaves late tomorrow night."

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