Monday, January 23, 2012

Relaxation- Evening

My last night in Tanzania was quite fun, especially as I was the only guest for most of the night. In order to start my night, I had to leave my bungalow; that was harder than it sounds. Watch the video below (sorry for the darkness):

One of the many cool flowers I passed on the way to the lodge:

The lodge at dusk:

When I entered the lodge, I took a seat on the couch in the "lobby." The reception desk was right across from me:

Timothy (the bartender) gave me a copy of Ujumbe to read. Here's my goal for next year: the Safari Marathon!

The staff asked what I wanted to eat for dinner. Normally they serve their guests a four-course meal, but I only wanted the main course. I couldn't believe that they let me eat my dinner on the couch! How's that for service?!

Overall view of my dining room that night:

A random artsy photo:

After dinner I engaged in a few Checkers games with Timothy:

Cheers, friend!