Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Day in Africa- Afternoon

Back at the lodge, it was time to order some food; I was hungry. While I waited for my lunch, I took some random photos:

Yes, I ate this entire pizza!

My lunch companion
After eating so much for lunch, it was time to relax and digest by the pool. I had a good view of my blisters from my chaise lounge:

My face had also seen better days (and this was with wearing 70 SPF every day):

Back in my bungalow, they had decorated the bed with nice flowers:

Mt. Meru
As night approached, I hesitantly packed my belongings and prepared myself for the long trip back. It was tough saying good-bye to the lodge's staff members. Irene, one of the front desk receptionists, stated, "We will miss you." Timothy walked me back to my bungalow to help with my bags. As we walked back, he stated, "I will miss you" and grabbed my hand. I was kind of surprised, but I didn't want to be mean and just throw his hand aside, so I just held his hand until we got to my bungalow. Luckily he didn't try to kiss me or anything. THAT would have been awkward.

After more good-byes and hugs, Herman packed my bags into the truck and we took off.

Kwaheri Arusha and Mt. Meru!

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