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December 12th, 2011

My team drove away, and I headed inside. Some of the staff members whom I had befriended before the climb welcomed me back with hugs and smiles. I was given another delicious glass of watermelon juice. God, I love that stuff.

The first order of business was to take a shower. It goes without saying that the water ran dark. It's amazing how nice a shower feels after you haven't had one for eight days.

After unpacking some things and taking a nap I headed to the main lodge for dinner. This is where my journal writing began...

"Americans are now staying in the lodge. I find them so annoying and so materialistic! I guess this is easing me back into American culture.


Since not having any dairy since the "toasties" which made me sick, I decided to give cheese a chance tonight. Salad with feta, french onion soup and beef lasagna. These things are either going to make me sick (I pray to God not) or will be tasty (the salad was quite tasty. the soup was okay. I'm just sick of soup).


Things I don't want right now:

1. soup
2. toasties (toast)
3. cold weather
4. camp toilets that I have to pump to flush
5. my sleeping bag and camping mat
6. my hiking boots
7. sore legs

Things I want now:

1. my photos to be safe on my computer
2. the electricity to turn back on because I don't want my cheese lasagna to go rank
3. Herman and my kakas
4. a good night's sleep, close to a 'real' toilet
5. the little bugs to go away- better start taking my malaria pills again
6. to lay out flat on my bed (a real bed)
7. someone to snuggle with (or it could be a nice, soft stuffed animal)
8. clean, dry underwear
9. understanding? acceptance of others
10. drinking tea, dancing, laughing while sitting with my kakas and listening to them laugh and joke and smile (with me included)

I'm full- 'nimachima'

The front desk lady gave me a hug (one on each side) when she first saw me tonight. She rocks. I wish I knew her name. She may be Masai? It sounds like she went to a Masai school. She asked if I was going to bed or if I wanted a "Kilimanjaro" (a beer). I said that I'm going to bed. I am tired. Time for sleep. and clean clothes. Goodnight. Sleep tight. She's actually a TV news reporter who came back to Arusha to take care of her mother. Her father died in '96. She has been doing reservations for 3 years."

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