Saturday, January 21, 2012

Headed back to Arusha

I was pleased to learn that my entire team was going to travel back with me to Arusha. The only problem was that we all had to pile into the same truck; yes, that meant 10 smelly souls crammed into one tiny space. Needless to say, the inside of the truck reeked to high heaven! My team was very kind though and gave me the front seat.

On our way out we passed banana trees,

meat stands,

*Yes, Herman insisted that we stop so he could buy meat. It's allegedly cheaper to buy meat out here than in Arusha. I questioned the "cleanliness" of the meat.

random little buildings,

manicured lawns,

coffee plantations and

men throwing free mangoes out of their trucks! (Unfortunately our catching skills weren't so hot).

One last look at my team. When we arrived back at the lodge, I made each of them get out of the truck. I gave each of them a hug and said "Asante sana" (thank you very much). I think they were embarrassed by my actions, but I wasn't going to let them go without hugs and thank-you's!

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