Monday, November 14, 2011

All was looking good...

Yes, all was looking good around 1:00pm today; I spoke with a live person in the security branch of my bank. This person who shall not be named said that he was working on my case and to try my purchase again in 10 minutes. Per this nameless soul, if the purchase still didn't work, I was to call him back on his direct line. Well, in approximately 12 minutes time I excitedly typed in all of my information on the KLM website. Did it work? NO. I was not a happy camper. I contacted the bank employee but got his answering machine; I left a voice mail message, requesting a call back.

The afternoon passed. Every single time I got a break in clients I would try the purchase again. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. My irritation slowly turned into anger as the hours passed. (Note to self: If I had another debit/credit card, this would not have become an issue in the first place). To demonstrate how many times I tried to purchase these airline tickets, KLM finally sent me a lovely pop-up message which said that I had tried to buy too many times with the same e-mail address and to contact a service centre. ROAR!

Around 6:40pm tonight I IMed my friend:
Me: i am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i can't book because i have tried too many times
why won't my card work!!!!
My friend:  Rawr
Me: no, it's needs to be capitalized. RAWR!
I need ice cream, but I don't have any money because my card won't fucking work!

As you all can see, I was a little frustrated. And I somehow thought that ice cream would solve all of my problems.

Alas, it was not ice cream but my father who came to my rescue. After venting to him, he kindly stated that I could use his card and then pay him back. My mother actually offered the same. God bless their souls.

Armed with my old-school, 8th grade, AOL e-mail address and my father's credit card information, I gave the purchase another shot. You cannot imagine my sigh of relief when the screen finally said, "Purchase Confirmed." Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! A God exists! 

I leave JFK on 12/2/11, arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport on 12/3/11. I have a nice little stop in Amsterdam.

Now I have to book the flights to/from CLE and JFK. Let's take bets on how long this will take.

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