Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am home. I had a really great time in Florida; there is something special about female bonding time. In fact, I started to get teary when saying goodbye to my mother and my mother's puppy. Why does it seem to get harder the older I get?

It is my sadness in leaving family that makes me wonder if I could do a stint abroad. I have frequently wondered about my future plans and moving is definitely in that plan. As it stands now, I am contemplating three different locations: Cleveland, Chicago or abroad. If I were to go abroad, I'd only want to go for 10 months to a year. Then again, I wonder if I'd even be able to "handle" that. I mean, I could "handle" it, but I feel as if I would miss out on a lot. I suppose my ideal situation is to live in Cleveland or Chicago but to have a job which requires me to travel to cool places 20 to 40% of the year. Since my senior year of college, I have wanted to become a host on Globe Trekker. I have actually applied for the show, but like all reality shows, it requires a lot of luck and good timing.

I am sure that things will work out how they are supposed to; they always do.


  1. You should come move to hawaii! That's kind of abroad plus close to a friend:)

  2. Friend, I will defintely think about it, especially since spending the past few days in Florida!

  3. I'd love to have you in Chicago, but would really love to visit you somewhere exotic too!

  4. Thanks for being flexible, Robyn ;) What happens if you move to L.A., though?!