Monday, November 21, 2011


Yes, it's official: I am now in overdrive. My anxiety and excitement have reached a high and it will probably only increase from this point on. How do I know that I am in overdrive? Well, my caffeine consumption has increased to 2 cups per day, I'm listening to house music at 10:45pm, I'm writing "Things to do" lists while driving, and I steam cleaned my rugs this morning. This is NOT normal behavior. I feel bad for my clients because I am occasionally drifting off into "African land" and thinking about the things I need to do before I leave. Odds and ends are slowly getting resolved though:

1. The "nurse" at the Wayne County Health Department called me back and said that I need to start my typhoid medication at least 2 weeks before I leave. Well I hate to tell ya sweetie but the two week mark was last Friday. Why do I always seem to have bad luck with these typhoid pills? (see my entry "I Hope You Like Needles"). Secondly, this lady said that I need to take the malaria pills for every day that I'm under 1,500ft. What didn't you understand lady when I told you that I'm starting in Arusha, an elevation of 1,400 M, and am only going up from that point on? If I bought these malaria pills for nothing I'm going to be pissed; every saved dollar counts!

2. I have now had three New Yorkers tell me that I can't make it to the city for lunch between my arrival at LGA and my departure from JFK. Lame lame lame. I don't want to believe them, but I really don't want to miss my flight to Africa. Luckily, my father has graciously offered to have lunch with me at JFK. Now at first this would seem kind of depressing, having only fast food chains from which to choose, but much to my delight, I learned that Terminal 5 at JFK is a "culinary juggernaut," offering a brasserie, a tapas joint and yakitori. Score! To make me even more excited, I read this description on "Just imagine: nine full-serve restaurants, bars and cafes; a gourmet food hall with eight quick-serve eateries; gourmet markets/grab-and-go; three coffee bars; six bars/lounges; and an innovative gate area program, dubbed “re:vive” that offers table service dining! What's more, passengers in the gate area will have the opportunity to “revive” by accessing touch-screen monitors to order meals that will be delivered directly to their tables. The following properties—and over 200 different wines by the glass—await you." Sign me up! Who wants to join my father and I at a fine dining establishment? You all are welcome!

3. I learned that I can pay for my Visa in USD rather than TZS. Now the question is whether they will take a traveler's cheque or just cold, hard cash.

Peace out.

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