Saturday, November 12, 2011

This is just preparing me for Africa, right?

Last night's journal entry will explain my lack of an 11/11/11 posting. Enjoy.

"Dear Journal,

My god, I live in a freakin' hovel. Let's see what happened tonight: there have been four dead mice (2 brought out from my friend, one brought out by the dogs I'm dog-sitting (accompanied by me screaming and disposing of it) and one that still remains for the exterminator tomorrow). The house continues to smell like dead carcasses and rodent traps. I'm sure I'm poisoning myself and dying a slow death. J (my friend's husband) kindly offered to come over tonight and check out my heat. Per J, an HVAC contractor, the furnace's blower motor is broken. Hence, I'm not receiving any heat (save for the little bit that gravitates up when the furnace tries to kick on). He just turned off the entire system though. I pray to God that my landlord fixes-has it fixed-by J tomorrow. It's cold when relying on one space heater. I plugged in 2 space heaters, but the circuit blew. Twice. I hope the little dogs and I don't freeze to death. (It's currently 34 degrees outside).

Of course when I walked the dogs for their night pee their leashes got super tangled. ARGH! I come inside, only to find that one of the dogs has shat underneath the table. So now I have carpets which have been blessed with dead rotten carcasses and shit.

I haven't showered since Monday and it's now Friday. I also haven't worked out. Good luck climbing Kili. My diet hasn't been the best. For dinner on Tuesday I had a baked potato. On Wednesday I had tater tots with cheese and ketchup. On Thursday I had another baked potato. On Friday (tonight) I had asparagus and a cookie. My parents would not be proud.

I'm also PMSing- what a joy. The exterminator rescheduled for tomorrow, 8am to 9am. On a Saturday. She better show. If she don't, I'm going to flip a fucking lid.


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  1. Yikes...sounds like you need to get a cat! Hey at least you had asparagus thrown in there, that counts for something:)