Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh Man

So keeping in this "overdrive" spirit, I just spent some time looking for an answer to my last question (can I use a check or can I only use cash to pay for my visa?). Well, as luck would have it, I just learned that 200 other climbers will be joining me on my trip!

You see, Tanzania is celebrating their 50th Independence Anniversary on December 9, 2011. "The Tanzania Tourist Board in collaboration with Tanzania National Parks and Zara Tanzania Adventures is organizing a grand Kilimanjaro expedition comprising of 200 climbers from all corners of the world to mark the golden anniversary of Tanzania mainland’s independence.  The climbers will use four different routes to scale the mountain and they will all finally meet at Uhuru Peak on the eve of celebrating the Independence Day, December, 9, 2011."

I don't know whether to be upset or happy. One of the routes that the celebrators are taking is the route that I will be on. We apparently leave on the same day. This could be fun or a total nightmare; I guess it all depends on my outlook. I find it funny that my trip coincides with an important independence anniversary as I took a trip to Mexico City last year during their 200th Independence Anniversary. Proof is below.

So if I were to view this trip/independence anniversary connection as a "sign," what "sign" would it be? That I enjoy being a part of other people's happiness? That I like big crowds? That I am really proud of countries that gain independence? Whatever the meaning, I think I'll make it a trend. 2012 marks the Golden Jubilee of Samoan Independence. As it states on Samoa's Tourism website: "Come help us celebrate this important moment in Samoa's history." Well thank you, I think I will.

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  1. Ooh, I think that's very cool! You're marking some big celebrations.