Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shopping Time!

The equipment you need to bring is:

  • day pack (used for carrying water, extra clothing, etc.) or
  • back pack (if you prefer to carry your own personal gear)
  • sleeping bag/stuff sack (should be rated +15 or warmer)
  • sleeping pad
  • duffel bag w/ lock (for storing non-climbing gear while on the climb)
  • large plastic bags (sleeping bag will be bagged for protection from potential rain)

  • toiletries (enough for your entire trip)
  • sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
  • flashlight or headlamp (we will NOT be hiking at night, but this may come in handy)
  • towelettes
  • face towel (for washing up in camp)
  • personal first aid kit
  • two one-quart, wide-mouthed plastic bottles
  • water treatment tablets

  • gloves (a pair of medium wool or polypro)
  • outer shells (a waterproof pair to go over your mittens)
  • polypro cap or balaclava
  • cap or hat (for shade)
  • glacier glasses

  • polypro or wool tops (mixture of light, medium or heavyweight for layering)
  • polypro or wool bottoms (mixture of light and heavy for layering)
  • rain pants (waterproof nylon or Goretex)
  • parka (waterproof nylon or Goretex)
  • poncho (protection for yourself and your day-pack)

  • thin socks (polypro for wearing under thicker socks)
  • thick socks (we recommend Thor-lo)
  • leather hiking boots (plastic Mountaineering boots are not necessary)
  • gaiters (high or low to keep the dirt and snow out of your boots)


  • water flavoring (powdered)
  • tennis shoes (to wear in camp)
  • ski poles (highly recommended for the descent!)

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