Wednesday, November 23, 2011


ARGH! So I finally get home from work tonight around 9:45pm. I check my calendar and "things to do" list before I leave for FL tomorrow. It's only when I see my Saturday note, "TYPHOID PILL," that I realize I have a problem. My typhoid medication needs to be refrigerated at all times. I'm leaving for FL tomorrow. ON A PLANE. How did I not foresee this problem? Per the little information sheet that came with my typhoid medication, "Your health care provider should inform you of the benefits and risks of the vaccine, the importance of taking all 4 capsules in the correct schedule, and the importance of proper storage temperature of the capsules." I need to take one capsule every other day. Tomorrow morning will be my second capsule. How should I handle the remaining two? Keep them here in my refridgerator and screw up the required schedule or take them on the plane with me and screw up the required storage temperature? What is it with me and typhoid pills!?!

I first turned to Google for advice. I typed in "Emergency medication question." The first result was a website entitled, "" It looked promising. I typed in my situation. A doctor was waiting to help me, but I had to shove over $55 first! No way Jose, I know how you guys work. I then turned to a friend of mine who was on google chat; he stated that I should "Buy something cold on the other side of security." That could work, but what happens during the hour drive to the airport and the two hour drive from the airport to my mother's house? Keep on finding cold things to place next to my medicine? I finally spoke with another friend of mine who is an anesthesiologist; he said that I should still take it with me, despite the temperature difference. Well, I guess that's what I'll have to do. I'll also have to do this on the way back from FL to OH because I take my last capsule on Monday and I fly back on Sunday. My typhoid pills are becoming quite the little travelers!

On a totally unrelated but better note, Allan sent me this e-mail today:
On the 4th after the briefing you should come to my village, we will walk around and also explore Arusha. I have never been to SA but I want to go one of these days.

Score! I love village walks :)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone.
Peace out.

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