Monday, November 28, 2011

Cluck cluck

I'm a freaking chicken running around with my head cut off! My heartbeat has been at a steady increased rate since I returned home last night. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!!!!! and of course I keep adding to my list. I guess I can run hard until Friday and then collapse on the planes.

I've cleaned a 1/3rd of my dishes, but bowls and cups keeping turning up in every corner! I currently have a load of laundry running but still have new clothes to wash. I obtained the password for my small computer but it won't let me install Picasa (the wi-fi works though. Phew!). I tackled two items on my "work list." I installed a new ink cartridge in my printer. I've got two potential transportation options for Friday but neither of them are solid. Progress is progress, I guess, no matter how large or small.

Now it's off to the races-in other words, my kitchen! Get ready dishes, here I come.

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