Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Lord...

it has been another pb and fluff night. I have just spent the past two hours flipping between,,, and to find a flipping CLE to JFK round-trip flight that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is non-stop and fits within my time frame. Unfortunately, there isn't such a thing. And yes, it took me two hours to realize this. And yes, I am kind of leaving this to the last minute as I begin the JFK to Amsterdam leg in T-two weeks.

Delta and American both have non-stops from CLE to JFK, but the times don't work; they either arrive too late or depart too early. Continental has accurate times, but they don't have a non-stop (which actually boggles my mind as they have thousands of non-stops from CLE to LGA). There's always the "Multiple Carrier" route, but who wants to go on AA and SW from JFK to CHI to CLE (in other words, who wants to join multiple air carries travel 1029 miles versus a simple 425 miles)?

I finally decided to travel in and out of LGA. An easy Continental flight on 12/2 will get me to NYC around 12:30pm. If I'm lucky, I will enjoy a nice pre-plane lunch with a friend or family member. Then it's off to JFK and Amsterdam and Kilimanjaro.

It's getting back which will be a bit more tricky. I arrive in JFK but will need to get my rear to LGA. Thankfully I decided to relax the connection and have approximately three hours to get from one airport to the other. A cab ride costs approximately $50, but I'd rather not spend this money. Perhaps I'll be so tired though that I'll just say, "Cabbie, take me away!"  I did some brief research on alternative transportation options, and there's this bus that looks pretty cool and cheap, but the airport to airport route did not exist when I went to the website. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. It's false advertising, ya hear! Perhaps I'll hitchhike; I could probably use the walk after a 7.5 hour flight.

It is now 11:00pm and I'm going to bed. Folks in Arusha are beginning to wake. Jambo Tanzanians!


  1. Heck after flying across the world and climbing a mountain easily justifies a $50 cab ride. I will contribute $10 to the kate cab ride fund. Any other takers?:)

  2. Haha, thank you dear. You're a true friend :)