Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Relationship Check

Ha, this has nothing to do with my climb or Africa; I just want to see if you're reading my entries. But no, I have to voice how messed up is. I signed up for this past summer. I was on it for approximately three months. After I cancelled my membership, I hid my profile. You can imagine how surprised I was today when I received four "You caught his attention!" e-mails, two "Someone emailed you" e-mails and five "Wink alerts." They have to be false. I mean, I haven't received any e-mails in three this? No way. It would be nice, but nah. Even if they were true, they aren't even men that I am interested in (e.g. already has three kids, lives in China and/or "can't drive" for some unknown, unlisted reason). Perhaps I'll fall in love with one of my Tanzanian porters.


  1. I'm reading and you never now a future entry might be love at first sight about your new man you met on your hike:)

  2. Thx for reading. :) Well, right now I'm the only person on the hike, so I don't think I'll meet a nice gentleman, but perhaps there will be someone on the plane!