Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My debit card is working again. Hooray! No more blockage. I did warn Allan, the travel company's boss, that my wire transfer was going to be a bit delayed. He replied, "No worries K, you can always bring cash with you when you come." Really? Is that normal? What if I showed up without the money? Would I be stuck in Tanzania? That is not an adventure I'm willing to try. (*Although my mother did tell me upon hearing my trip news: "this is FANTASTIC!!!....you will hopefully never come home.....and I mean this in a good way!!!!!)

In other news, I dropped off my typhoid and malaria pill prescriptions at my local pharmacy. No questions were asked; in truth, I was kind of disappointed that they didn't ask me any questions e.g. "Ooo, cool, where are you going?" It's not like everyone asks for malaria and typhoid pills, right? My local pharmacy specializes in anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. My pharmacy does have to "order" the pills as they don't have them just lying around; they should be in tomorrow though. Per the pharmacist, my insurance covers one of the medications but not the other. I don't know which one my insurance covers. Care to take any bets? Malaria...typhoid...malaria...typhoid. I'll bet on the typhoid (that it's not covered). 

p.s- I don't know what's going on with my font size, but I'm done trying to figure it out; my ice cream calls.

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