Monday, November 14, 2011

When being safe is NOT helpful

ROAR! So there are TWO tickets left on KLM at this particular "low" price. I go to buy the tickets but the lovely little website says that my credit card information is incorrect and that it won't process my request. I review my information three times and realize, "No computer, you are wrong, my information is correct!" I call the folks at Mastercard who tell me that there is "suspect fraud" on my card. Great. I mean, it makes sense, but come on, I need these tickets! A lady transfers me over to the fraud department where a fatigued woman tells me that their system is down and that she can't help me at this time. LAME!

KLM has this option where for $20 you can reserve the current stated price on your chosen flights. That would be a great option and all if my credit card WORKED! But noooo, the lovely folks at my bank and at MC have shut off my card; no entry allowed. Come on folks, work with me here. Please. I don't consider myself a religious person, but I am currently sending up two prayers: 1. that no one buys the last two tickets at the current "low" price and that the bank's computer system gets up and running ASAP!

And just to increase my anxiety, my work supervisor called me and texted me this morning stating, "Hi. Need to speak with you. Can you come in a half hour early today as we have no opportunity during the day?" On her phone message she stated that something has come up with a family that we both work with. I'm having torturous thoughts that a child committed suicide or something. Needless to say, I have had an "interesting" start to my day...

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  1. Uh oh...that royally sucks! Hopefully MC will work something out sooner rather than later...fingers crossed for you KTB!